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Studies have shown that 50% of people aged 18 to 50 will visit a store for the first time based on the quality of the signage and a majority of people make positive assumptions about a business if it has well designed signs. Plus, 52% of prospects surveyed could not find a business they were considering because of inadequate or poor signage.


Offices & Facilities require communications and information through signs of various types. Indoor signage includes safety signage, directional signage, washroom signage, or reception signage.

Office signs add functionality and elegance to all offices. By installing office signs throughout your place of business, you lend an inherent credibility to your company.

For example, a professionally designed, stylish lobby sign placed in a strategic location will be the first image visitors see when they step foot in your office, giving your business a significant edge over your competitors. Likewise, tasteful office signs on doors and desks show that you are paying attention to details and you are making an effort to exude a proficient and confident tone about your business.

Interior signs are a great opportunity to display your brand throughout your work space. By using acrylic or alu-panel, you are able to have great brand imaging.


With the ability to be mounted indoors or out, with or without lighting, dimensional letters have a variety of applications. They can be applied to any surface and illuminated with flood lighting. A formed or fabricated non-illuminated letter. Dimensional letters create lower profile identification than illuminated or channel letters, but offer a wide variety of uses at an economical price.

Almost any material can be used to fabricate dimensional letters, particularly for indoor applications, while non-illuminated letters for outdoor use made from materials such as acrylic, wood, and aluminum can provide years of durability and service.


Exterior signs are critical for your stores foot traffic success. Exterior signs such as sign cans are created from a metal frame, acrylic and vinyl.

Your signage can be backlit, non-lit, on a building, on a signpost, made of metal, plastic, wood or vinyl. Speedpro can build you a new sign or re-face an existing case.

With a clean graphic no matter the size, is an effective way to let people know where your storefront is!


Channel Letters are individually illuminated letters and are generally associated with storefront fascias. They are typically lit with neon tubes or energy-saving LEDs, which are becoming more prevalent in signage today.


Pylon signs, also known as pole or freestanding signs, are well known in the sign industry. Simply put, pylon signs are outdoor signage that is usually mounted on single or double poles. Pylon signs can be one-sided or double-sided, depending on the direction the sign will be facing. You may also see pylon signs that are illuminated or have other elements, like LED message center.

Pylon signs are the ideal way to capture the attention of potential customer with their free standing and visible structures! Here are some benefits that a pylon sign offers:

Increased Visibility
With a pylon typically it is own stand alone structure, they are design to be seen by people driving by. 

Cost Effective
Since pole signs can be manufactured for more than one business, it is the ideal choice for malls, apartments, and similar locations.

Branding Opportunity
Branding has never been more important than it is now. Having a well designed sign that can be installed at the ideal locations to broadcast your business to your audience. 

Pylon signs can be made with various materials, advertising elements like LED or digital boxes, and can come in numerous designs.

Versatile and Durable
Since Pylons are supported by a pole, these freestanding signs can be used in multiple ways! They don’t have to stand near the building or the business that is advertising. With pylons being wider, taller and made of rather strong material they are design to withstand the elements!


Lawn and Street signage is a great way for businesses to display their brand while show casing their work!

Sign frames are durable and weather resistant, using materials like wood, metal and molded plastic. In some cases the panels are changeable and/or reversible.

Sandwich boards are definitely a good and the less expensive choice of advertising. They are not only free standing signage that can be placed anywhere, but they are also a great source of advertisement that can be seen by hundreds of people every single day.

If you think about it how many signs you have seen in a single day and how many you have committed to memory, times that by one hundred and you can see the impact that sandwich boards can have on your company and just how easy it is to promote and advertise your business.

Sandwich Boards can also be used at trade shows and conventions to either advertise or as a wayfinding tool.

Many property management companies as use sandwich boards as safety signs.

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