"The Training Team did a fantastic job of introducing me to the world of signs and its many facets - going form basics to the complex. Providing hands on practical training, quick reference forms, a variety of files to reference, and Speedpro's website and various manuals which are meant to be reviewed later. The key phrase during training was if after you need an answer to any question, just call - we will be there to help you through it. That phrase became more and more reassuring when we started doing estimates for signs. A solid framework has been set through training and every day forward will be a new learning opportunity. I know that the support will be there as we move forward with developing our business."

- Ann Mercer, Marketing Assistant, St. John's, Newfoundland

"It's really good to reconnect with all the other stores and trade ideas."

- The Speedpro Experience

"Every single day there's different challenges that come up and I really enjoy finding solutions..."

- Speedpro Owner #1


"I'm very pleased with the decision I made to go with Speedpro."

- Speedpro Owner #2

"When I first learned that training would span over three weeks; 7 days/week, my initial reaction was 'OH NO' how will we ever fully grasp all of this in such a condensed, intensive time frame. Soon after the 1st day I quickly realized that the approach and style of Lance and how he delivered his training would be replicated across the other programs delivered by Karen & Jim and we would get through this. And we did! Each module was delivered with a consistent style and approach -> the use of real life examples from other shops in addition to 'tips and tricks' was invaluable!! GREAT TRAINING -> WE ARE READY!!"

- Dean Lawrence, Franchise Partner, Oshawa, Ontario

"Bring your message to life."

- Digital Signage Content Solution from Dorsey

"I was really impressed with the professional and well organized company. The training was 'top notch.' Lance, Karen, and Jim's experience in their respective fields was excellent. I can’t wait to get started..."

- Fred Sheppard, Graphic Designer/Production, St. John's, Newfoundland

"Join the digital revolution. Ask us how."

- Digital Signage Solutions for Business

"I thought the Marketing Training was great. I learned a lot since I walked into it knowing nothing and calling people and informing. I walked away having more tools to help than I thought. I believe that these tools learned will definitely improve our business and my contribution to Speedpro."

- Larena Massen, Speedpro Signs, Abbotsford, BC

"Digital signage is effective for all kinds of businesses."

- Digital Signage: A Great Way to Communicate

"The trainers that came from Head Office to train us at our new location were knowledgeable, prepared, and fun to work and learn with. What I loved the most were the little tips and tricks that they provided us with based on their experience and expertise. It is those small details and attention to them that have given me the skills that I believe will lead me to success at Speedpro Imaging Durham."

- Leanne Lebel, Marketing Coordinator, Oshawa, Ontario

"We have innovative solutions to meet your needs."

- Recognized Nationwide

"I would like to thank you again for your recent Marketing Seminar. At the beginning of the seminar I wasn't sure I was going to get any value from it. I was WRONG! The key to being successful is to have a strong foundation. You have re-focused my foundation and re-energized me. I am great full for the time I spent learning with you and can hardly wait to implement some new ideas in the future. Cheers!"

- Lisa, Speedpro Signs, Kelowna, BC

"Effective and affordable vehicle graphics from Speedpro."

- Vehicle Graphics

Visual Solutions that Deliver

"The Speedpro training was incredibly informative and interactive. An excellent balance of hands on and readable material. Each Trainer was very professional in their respective fields and made the entire process a pleasure. They really set you up for success!"

- Luke Anderson, Graphic Design/Production, Oshawa, Ontario

"To go from knowing nothing about the sign business one day to three weeks later giving people advice on products is quite thrilling. The training given by the Speedpro team has been excellent and well thought out. I look forward to applying the things that I have learned and helping to grow the Speedpro brand."

- Mark Crowley, Owner, St. John's, Newfoundland