SpeedPro Canada New Franchise Qualification Process

The SpeedPro Franchise application process is a 12 Step process designed to facilitate the sharing of information between the franchisor (SpeedPro) and the potential new franchisee (You). During the process we learn about each other and determine if there is a good fit between what we offer and what you want in a new business. On average, the process takes approximately 30 days to complete.

After completing and submitting the Information Request Form, we will contact you and discuss the next steps and timing. There is no obligation or cash deposit required to find out more. 

The 12 Step Process is:

  1. Introduction/The Products /Types of Franchises Available
  2. Understanding the Business model (Employees, locations, brands, operating the franchise)
  3. Franchisee contacts
  4. What makes SpeedPro different or successful?
  5. Costs and financing (Franchisee must have minimum $250k Net Worth)
  6. Support and Training
  7. Building the Business plan
  8. Finance Approval
  9. Discovery Day
  10. Finding the location
  11. Hiring the team
  12. Getting started with training