Window, Wall, and Floor Graphics

Whatever your need SpeedPro can help activate your windows, walls, and floors!

Window Graphics

Window graphics provide a great way to advertise your products and specials, or just give your windows a classic look.

If you are looking for an etched glass look, we carry a frosted vinyl that gives the same look at a fraction of the price. Simple lettering and shapes can be added to windows with cut vinyl. For more complex designs and shapes, we can produce your design, printed on vinyl and for added durability, our high quality over laminate will protect your graphics.

Another option for window graphics is perforated window film. From the inside of the window, you can see through the film, and you get the illusion of a slightly tinted window. When looking though the window, your eyes will adjust to see right through the tiny holes in the vinyl even though your windows are covered in graphics. The benefit of perforated window film is that you get amazing graphics on the outside without loosing the view!

Wall Graphics

Dress up your office with wall graphics, which are great for long term advertising, short term promotion, holidays, special events, or maybe just spice up the workplace. We use a specially designed adhesive vinyl that will not damage walls when removed. Wall graphics are an economical, inexpensive way to add impact to any space. 

Floor Graphics

Announce the hottest specials and introduce new products with creative floor graphics. Use on-floor directions in high-traffic areas such as museums, malls, airports, retail stores, factories, nightclubs, and much more. Floor graphics are created using slip resistant laminate and can adhere to a variety of surfaces.

Contact SpeedPro today for more information on your next window, wall, and floor graphics projects. SpeedPro services Cambridge, Guelph, Kitchener, Waterloo and surrounding regions. 

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