Hanging Banners

Banners are very durable and versatile. They are great for both indoor and outdoor use. 


Banners are generally made of a plastic vinyl material. Most banners have a grain texture (scrim) to them. There are many grades of banner material and based on the purpose of the banner, location, and desired durability, we can recommend the best materials for your project. 

Banners are usually hemmed (sewn or attached with double sided tape, or welded) at the top and bottom and in many cases the sides. Grommets (metal, brass, or aluminium rings) are usually added to enable easy hanging or loops can be created based on how the banner will hang. Banners can be digitally printed creating dynamic graphics or lettered with coloured cut vinyls.

They are used for advertising and special events most often. Banners can be hung from the ceiling, in a window, against a wall, under an awning, between posts, across a street, attached to a light pole and anywhere else you can think to place one.

Banners are durable for both indoor and outdoor use. Regular banner material can last several months outdoor or even longer depending on the weather conditions. Banners can also be custom made to last for years.

Banner Care

It is possible to damage the materials or graphics when banners are being removed, stored, transported, and/or rehung. To extend the life of your SpeedPro banners please follow these instructions.

To avoid bending which may damage lettering or even the graphic when storing:
- Roll up on cardboard core with graphics on the outside; stand up on end and keep in warm area.
- If not rolled on core, roll up with graphics on the outside and lay on side in warm area.


- Vinyl banners can be cleaned with soapy water and a cloth. 
- Do not use brush or any other abrasive tools.
- Never store banners when they are wet or in a damp place.

Contact SpeedPro with any questions regarding banner installation and care. SpeedPro services Cambridge, Guelph, Kitchener, Waterloo and surrounding regions. 

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