Vinyl Car and Vehicle Wraps

Vehicle wraps and graphics are seen by thousands of people daily over several years.

Vehicle Wrap and Vehicle Branding

Vehicle wraps and graphics are the most cost efficient form of advertising and are seen by thousands of people daily over several years. According to the Outdoor Advertising Association the estimated cost per 1000 impressions is only 90 cents in an urban market. In comparison, a traditional newspaper ad seen once would cost about $20 per 1000 impressions.
Speedpro Signs Horton Rd offers in-house custom design for branding consistency, using premium high quality 3M materials that are professionally installed and removable when you choose. After 5 years your car, truck, van, or SUV graphics will still look as vibrant as the day they were installed! We have had vehicle wraps and graphics out there for over a decade and they still look great – a solid return on your branding investment!
Our clients, including Gorilla Contracting, ALTA Home, Sage Energy, Jen Hawkins at Sutton Realty and Curb Design all took advantage of vehicle branding to grow their business.

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